Sustainable, low cost, and highly scalable bio-materials,
-made entirely from food-crop waste!

Waste = Resource

Banana, Pineapple, Sugar Cane, Flax, Hemp...
Only 33% of these plants are consumed. The 67% remaining is considered "waste", and is left to rot or burn.
The Agraloop converts  this "waste" into valuable resources.

  • Bio-Fiber
  • Bio-Materials
  • Bio-Chemicals
  • Clean Bio-Energy
  • Organic Soil Amendments

Question: What is The Agraloop?

Answer: A circular + regenerative bio-refinery that converts food crop waste into valuable fiber and industrial products.

"Circular Tech"

Through truly circular + regenerative systems design, The Agraloop benefits ecology, economics, and society. 

  • No Wastewater/No Solid Waste Generated
  • No Synthetic Chemical Inputs
  • Bio-Chemicals Generated in Process
  • No External Energy Required
  • Surplus Energy Generated in Process
  • Organic Amendments to Enhance Farm Fertility Cycles
  • Additional Revenue to Farmers / Industry

Find Out More

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